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Healing America Together

Healing America Together


  • by Nelson Campbell

Healing America Together
A Bold Mission to help Communities take back their health

We released our documentary film, PlantPure Nation, in theaters in over 100 cities in 2015. Now playing on Amazon Prime and YouTube, our movie was intended to tell people, in a dramatic story-driven way, about the forces that have suppressed the message of plant-based nutrition for decades. The story we told in that film continues to unfold to the present day, and our next chapter may be the most exciting of all.

We used the exposure from the film to launch hundreds of plant-based community support groups involving tens of thousands of people. This network of groups, which we call Pods, is now managed by the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PlantPureCommunities.org). This nonprofit is also working on strategies for getting nutrition education and affordable plant-based meals into underserved communities. In addition, we launched a socially conscious business called PlantPure, Inc., and have developed a line of fully-prepared meals and various educational programming for several major market segments. (PlantPureNation.com).

Importantly, we are bundling all that we have developed, along with strategies and resources contributed by other organizations, to launch our “Healing America Campaign” (HealingAmericaTogether.com). Specifically, we are launching a comprehensive effort within the city of Durham, North Carolina, to bring the message of plant-based nutrition to as many people as possible, including delivering affordable nutrition education and highly affordable plant-based meals into its under-served neighborhoods.

We are documenting this effort on film, producing both an ongoing stream of short videos and eventually the feature documentary Healing America. This will enable everyone to follow along and we hope become inspired to help us bring this model into their own communities as quickly as possible.

To lay a foundation for this action plan, my father, Dr. Colin Campbell, and I took a tour across the nation, delivering a presentation that goes beyond the issue of health to articulate larger ideas touching on the environment, economics and politics — all helping to frame in a bigger way the model we will introduce in Durham.

It was exciting to do this with my father, who is considered by many people around the world as the ‘science father’ of the plant-based nutrition movement. At 84 years of age, with a seemingly endless supply of energy and passion, he is an inspiration, not only to me but to all the audiences we have spoken to.

Our goal with the Healing America campaign is a transformative movement that begins with health, but that also addresses other important concerns, like climate change. This is a big idea, but we believe big things can be accomplished when you leverage the talents and passions of large numbers of people. There is a tendency for people to follow leaders. This is understandable, but to make the change our planet requires, in the time we have left to make that change, we must build strategies that spread the opportunity and responsibility for change around to everyone. We need to move away from the cult of celebrity to the idea of mass empowerment.

We hope you will join us on this journey, which you can do by signing up at HealingAmericaTogether.com. We will not share your email address and will contact you only when we have updates and videos to share. We also encourage you to check out our food options at PlantPureNation.com; the funding generated from food sales helps to fund our organization and its larger social mission.

I will return from time to time to update you on our progress. We hope you can join us on this exciting journey.

Until next time,
Nelson Campbell

Nelson Campbell

Nelson Campbell

About the Author

Nelson Campbell founded PlantPure, Inc., and its non-profit arm, PlantPure Communities, to lead a grassroots movement to promote the health benefits of plant-based nutrition. He is also the Executive Producer, Director and Co-Writer of the documentary film PlantPure Nation, which examines the political and economic factors that suppress information about the benefits of plant-based nutrition and makes connections to public policy, medical practice, food deserts, and farming.

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