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ENVIE: Nova Scotia's Very Best Vegan Restaurant

ENVIE: Nova Scotia's Very Best Vegan Restaurant


  • by Michael Taylor

When one thinks about Nova Scotia, rugged coastline, Celtic music and cold, windswept winters come to mind. The dining experience is also a big part of the Nova Scotian lifestyle, but unfortunately, vegan dining is not a large part of it. Vegan dining is a challenge in this province with only two full vegan restaurants here. Luckily, both are quite good, and I will review the best of the two.

Halifax, the biggest city in Nova Scotia, is also the capital. It serves as the business, banking, government and cultural center for this region, having traditions in the maritime and fishing industries. Not where you would traditionally find a vegan restaurant, but Envie is not traditional. Located right next to downtown Halifax, Envie is a full-service vegan restaurant with a broad menu. They offer a full selection of lunch and dinner entrées with brunch entrées on weekends only. For our gluten-intolerant friends, this place offers most meals either as gluten-free or gluten-free optional. And for those who love their beverages, they offer fresh pressed juices as well as smoothies, kombucha and beer & wine.

The most popular item on the menu is the cauliflower tacos, and they are worth the try. Quite frankly, they were the best vegan tacos I have ever eaten. Pizza is also popular here, and yes, gluten-free is an option. My appetizer was most unique, and I do not think I have eaten anything quite like it before. They call it the “Boa” which is a steamed bun with tofu, sprouts, pickled veggies and a very tasty sauce. I recommend that you give this a try also! They do offer what looked to be very tasty desserts, but unfortunately, I did not partake. Usually, you will find chocolate tortes and key lime pie as their main stay. While most of the food is not salt, oil and sugar free, you can request that any entrée be made without these products, unless some ingredients were premade. The server will gladly help you with this! Other menu items include salads, pad Thai, and a sinful, but not so healthy-looking, Seitan Burger. Lastly, a beverage is a must, and I recommend you partake in a smoothie. They offer three that were premade, but also, you have the opportunity to build you own, which I did. Wow, was it good! You can never have too much kale.

Vegan outreach is also quite important to them. They support local causes, offer literature in the restaurant and even promote and host local vegan and environmental events.

Reservations are accepted, but please note they are closed on Mondays. Street parking is available though it can get difficult during weekends and mealtimes. www.enviehalifax.com   


About the Author

Michael Taylor travels in North America, South America and Europe for business and strives to dine at the very best vegan restaurants in every city he visits. As a vegan of eight years and vegetarian for 22 years before that, he has sampled some of the best Vegan foods in 47 states and 24 countries. Michael looks for restaurants using the best ingredients (organic preferred), innovative recipes and vegan outreach.

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