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Why Go Vegan? 10 reasons that will shock and delight you

Why Go Vegan? 10 reasons that will shock and delight you


  • Dr. Janice Stanger

Want to see shock and awe? Watch a whole-food, plant-based diet blast away diabetes, heart disease, obesity, headaches, and arthritis. Eat not just a vegan diet, but a fresh, whole-food, plant-based diet for just three weeks and you’ll feel like you won the lottery. Here are ten benefits you can begin to
experience by making the switch right now.

One. Prevent chronic illness. Reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and most other chronic illnesses.

Two. Reverse chronic illness. Even if you are sick already, a diet that addresses the root causes of disease can have a huge impact.

Three. Coast to your perfect weight and stay there, without hunger, deprivation, or portion control. You could say goodbye to four to eight pounds this month – and every 30 days after that.

Four. Achieve soaring energy levels. Have more get-up-and-go to do all the activities that you love.

Five. Maintain vitality as you gently get older. The energy and health you achieve now can stay with you for decades.

Six. Save money. Whole foods are affordable with proper planning. And imagine how much you can save on drugs, supplements, and medical expenses when you get healthy naturally.

Seven. Delight in nature’s finest foods. Explore how eating healthy will reset your palate and make fruits and vegetables taste even more delicious and inviting. Learn fantastic recipes for soups, salads, burritos, pasta, sandwiches, wraps – even
healthy desserts.

Eight. Feel really good about yourself. A recent survey shows that, after starting a plant-based eating plan, people feel that they are making a difference for themselves, others, animals, and nature. And, of course, you will feel a lot better when you look at your reflection in the mirror.

Nine. Get a leading edge. Well-known sports stars, celebrities, business leaders, and even former President Clinton have adopted a whole-foods, plant-based diet – and are thriving. An increasing number of films and television documentaries are broadcasting the benefits of eating a vegetarian diet, as more people abandon the failed diets of the past.

Ten. No matter what reason you decide to go veggie, you will never be short on vitality and health.

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