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1st Annual Vegan Holiday Fair to Pop-Up This Weekend in Texas Capital


Starting this Saturday,  The NadaMoo! Scoop Shop in Austin, Texas will become the vegan dining destination with a local vegan burger supplier, PLOW Burgers permanently planting its plant-based burgers and fries and its third food truck in the city.

To kick off the exciting vegan ice cream + burger collaboration, the NadaMoo! Scoop Shop will also start a new tradition with the 1st Annual Vegan Holiday Fair. The fair will also debut the unveiling of the NadaMoo! Scoop Shop’s winter flavors that will only be available in the store. 

“This local Austin retail collaboration between NadaMoo! and PLOW (Plants Lead Our Way) Burger was seeded within the local Conscious Capitalism community. I was fortunate enough to meet a like-minded individual in Jason Sabala and was later introduced to his partner on PLOW, another conscious human, Isaac Mogannam. We are so fortunate to live in a city like Austin where people see the value in the growth and prosperity of the plant-based movement. The PLOW team is all in on the movement, and they are working on a lot of amazing projects that we are excited about for the community and for our own selfish, conscious cravings.

We look forward to bringing this fully plant-based burger food truck and ice cream shop experience to South Lamar, the home of our NadaMoo! Flagship Scoop Shop and home of our HQ office.”

Vendors will be on-site showcasing and selling vegan products, including home goods, apparel and jewelry, and serving delicious vegan eats – a great opportunity to shop for holiday gifts from sustainable brands while eating and supporting local restaurants/brands. 

The fair will also set the stage for the launch of NadaMoo!’s winter flavors release, where NadaMoo! will premiere delicious offerings that capture the joy of the holiday season like Gingerbread, Egg Nog (aka NadaNog), Mexican Hot Chocolate and the wildly popular Peppermint Bark now available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. All with a dairy-free, plant-based twist, of course.

“When great tasting food can be curated solely by plants, we take away the arguments most typically heard from the consumer-driven solely by taste and experience. Great tasting plant-based food becomes a win-win-win. We win on taste and experience for the consumer. We win for the health and well-being of all living creatures. We win on the sustainability of our planet,” states Daniel Nicholson. 

For more information on the Vegan Fair visit: facebook.com/events/709883646198705/

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