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A Special Look at The Game Changers: Men with ED, Are You Listening?



  • by Diana O. Potter

If you’ve watched television at all since 1998, the year Viagra came on the scene and became a huge (okay, pun intended) sensation, you’re no doubt familiar with the ads for it and for the other ED (erectile dysfunction) treatments that were rushed to market after it. Maybe you wish those annoying ads would go away and let you watch in peace.

Wish no more, or at least less. You may get your wish someday soon, now that The Game Changers has shown how much a man’s sex life can benefit from eating plants (that’s right, guys, plants!) instead of that supposed manliest of muscle-bound males’ meal mainstays: meat.

Admittedly, this small but sexy segment of the award-winning documentary — produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Wilks, Jackie Chan and others and now streaming on Netflix — is, um, short. But it’s pretty convincing.

It’s also very entertaining.

The “Burrito Effect” Showcases Athletes’ Enhanced Virility After Plant-Based Eating

In the film, three young male athletes ate meat-based burritos for their first evening meal and consumed plant-based “meat” in their burritos the next evening. The strength, longevity, and number of their erections were measured during both nights. The results elicited much embarrassed hilarity — along with changes in attitude about the “Meat is Manly” myth:

  • Athlete No. 1 used a graph to report that, compared with the meat-meals results, the strength of his member increased by 9% after the plant-based burrito, and…wait for it…the number of minutes he experienced erections increased by 303%!
  • Athlete No. 2 reported an increase of 477% in erection minutes, and
  • Athlete No. 3 was thrilled with his increased response of 312%, exclaiming, “That’s like, an hour!”

Of course, this was not a scientific study. But perhaps it offers hope for some men that they can change their experience of ED from Erectile Dysfunction to, say, Erotic Dexterity.

Now that would be a Game Changer!


James Wilks Ably Defends The Game Changers

Recently, on the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Paleo diet advocate and licensed acupuncturist Chris Kresser worked hard at trashing the claims for plant-based eating as a means to improving health. He called them “vegan propaganda.”

Uneasy about letting Kresser’s remarks stand without rebuttal, Rogan, an American comedian and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, invited Kresser back to face James Wilks, a producer of The Game Changers, for a debate about vegan claims that lasted almost four hours. As Rogan later said, Wilks knocked Kresser’s contentions “out of the park.” Examples:

  • Kresser said there’s “no evidence” that animals farmed for food are given vitamin B12 supplements. Wilks calmly produced industry facts and photos that disproved that statement.
  • Attacking The Game Changers directly, Kresser said the film was incorrect when it said that eating certain plant-based foods, such as peanut butter, can provide protein content that compares with ground beef. Wilks blew this off with simple industry information.

After the debate, Rogan called Wilks’ defense “fantastic,” to the point where he was considering removing the original Kresser-only podcast from his lineup.

When it comes to debunking false claims about plant-based eating, Wilks stands ready to debate “the ketogenic and carnivore diet folks,” as he describes them. The Game Changers is just one expression of his commitment.

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