Vegan burger-lovers rejoice! Yard House has added its name to the list of restaurants offering a 100% plant-based burger option. The Yard House menu already boasts a surprising amount of vegan options, including an entire Gardein section and now the restaurant has added yet another vegan option for guests to enjoy - The Beyond Burger.


Luckily for me, there’s a Yard House nearby so I decided a taste test of the newest menu item was in order. Served on an onion bun with pickles, vegan mozzarella, red onion, tomato, arugula, and smashed avocado, the burger is certainly a sight to behold. They do not skimp on the thickness of the patty, that’s for sure! Everything included in the burger worked together nicely, and the patty itself was charred just enough to add some crisp.

Recently, restaurants across the United States have been experiencing a shortage of the Impossible Burger, another plant-based burger option, due to its popularity and its latest partnership which will require the burger to be supplied to 7,000 Burger King locations. Now, with the Beyond Burger beginning to show up in more mainstream nationwide restaurants such as Yard House, diners finally have another option to help meet their plant-based burger needs.

If you’re looking for a fun meal out with a delicious vegan option, Yard House’s Beyond Burger is sure to delight. You can try the Beyond Burger for yourself at Yard House locations across the United States including Dallas, TX, Kansas City, KS, Yonkers, NY, Denver, CO, Orlando, FL, Boston, MA, Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA, Austin, TX, and Rancho Cucamonga, CA, just to name a few.