If you’re a coffee lover (like many of us are) who’s vegan or trying to refrain from dairy products, you’re in for a treat. Earlier this week, the international coffee creamer brand—Coffee-Mate––introduced its newest product: a vegan coffee creamer. 


Rather than containing any dairy, this new vegan creamer is made using cashew milk instead. Coffee-Mate, a subsidiary of the massive company Nestle, was recently introduced at many big retailers in the United States. 


The new cashew milk creamer joins other similar products in the brand’s “Natural Bliss” line of creamers. According to recent statements, the Coffee-Mate brand describes its new cashew milk creamer as having “a rich, creamy texture with buttery notes”. 


While indeed great news for the vegan community, this is not the first vegan product the brand has introduced. In fact, Coffee-Mate first introduced four flavors of vegan creamers in 2017 and has since expanded its vegan efforts to include Half & Half options as well.


On the same note, Nestle (the parent company) has made great strides toward opting for plant-based alternatives. The company owns brands such as Garden Gourmet and Sweet Earth, both of which offer all or mostly vegan products.