In the recent live-action remake of Disney’s Aladdin, actor Mena Massoud starred as the star––Aladdin––himself. But did you know that he is a passionate vegan?

Following the release of the movie, Massoud introduced his vegan company and community called Evolving Vegan. The website offers several products and vegan-based items for sale, while the Facebook group serves as a community to connect those interested in veganism with people who have answers.

Now, the Aladdin star has become one of the newest investors in the San Diego-based vegan restaurant Plant Power Fast Food, or PPFF for short. The fast-food chain serves a variety of vegan alternative versions of common American fast food menu items, including the McDonald’s Big Mac (which it has recreated as the “Big Zac”).

After realizing that the company’s business model aligns with his personal mission of promoting veganism and meaningful living, Massoud decided to invest in the brand’s Series A Raise Capital raise.

In a recent interview, Massoud says, “I’ve spent a great deal of time touring North America visiting a lot of plant-based restaurants and PPFF immediately stuck out as a big player. They have massive ambitions in the space, and they don’t just outsource their products like many of the other companies in the marketplace. There is great attention to detail, and we share the same outlook—that in order to cause real change, we have to make plant-based living accessible to the masses.”

Between the years of 2016 and 2018, PPFF saw a massive increase in gross sales of 438 percent. The company’s founder, Zach Vouga, was also listed in the Forbes’ popular 30 Unter 30 list as an influential young leader with a bold and forward-thinking mission.