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German Insurance Provider Develops a Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition in Healthcare Facilities



  • by Peter Manley

A few weeks ago, a Germany-based medical insurance provider introduced a nutritional guide to plant-based eating that targets German healthcare facilities and hospitals.

The health insurance company––BKK ProVita––published the nutritional guide with hopes of encouraging health facility management and catering leaders to implement plant-based menu items in their healthcare facilities. The plant-based nutritional guide provides a wealth of information on the plant-based diet, including health benefits, environmental benefits, and even very detailed instructions for implementing plant-based nutrition within a healthcare setting.

To develop the nutritional guide, BKK ProVita collaborated with A’verdis (a German consulting firm) and the German Hospital Institute. In addition, the health insurance also received guidance from 30 experts in the healthcare field holding roles including hospital cooks, nutritionists, clinic managers, and caterers.

Andreas Schöfbeck––CEO of BKK ProVita––said the following on the new guide: “At BKK ProVita, we know plant-based nutrition is healthy. As a statutory health insurance company, we are committed to making this form of nutrition better known and to ensure that as many people as possible have access to it. With the new guide, we are supporting the health not only of patients but also of hospital staff in the context of workplace and external health promotion.”

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