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Impossible Foods Is In The Process of Developing Plant-Based Vegan Bacon



  • by Peter Manley

If you’re a vegan who used to love bacon or an omnivore who still eats it, this one’s for you: soon, one of the world’s leading plant-based food companies will introduce a new plant-based bacon product.

Impossible Foods––a Cali-based plant-based food company and leader in its industry––is in the works of developing a shockingly accurate plant-bacon product that tastes, smells, and feels just like the real deal.

The news came about quite unexpectedly during an interview with CNET at the Consumer Electronics Show. In the interview, Impossible Foods’ CEO Pat Brown was asked if the company had any plans to create a vegan bacon alternative.

His response was, “Of course we are, and in fact, we’ve already played around with it. We’re not going to release a bacon product until we feel like anyone who is the most hardcore bacon worshiper thinks it’s awesomely delicious. But we’re definitely on track. It’s going to be an epic moment when we serve the first kosher bacon cheeseburger.”

Although the bacon’s release date is unknown, Impossible Foods has still been introducing other plant-based meat products. In fact, its newest product––Impossible Pork––will be tested on breakfast sandwiches at select Burger King locations by the end of this month. This follows a massively successful release of the Impossible Whopper, which actually caused Impossible Foods to run short on enough supply to meet demand at one point.

As its ultimate goal, Impossible Foods aims to develop a plant-based alternative product for just about every animal product you can think of, such as dairy, fish, eggs, shrimp, etc., by the year 2035.

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