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In Honor of Valentines Day: Here Are Some Animals That Find a Loved One For Life


Whether your Valentine is a spouse or best friend, they are still someone you love. Just like humans, certain animals find that special someone to form a bond with for life. 


World Animal Protection US has put together a list of some animals that find “their person” and never let go.


Cows: when in groups, cows will form a preference for and strong bonds with another cow, equivalent to a human having a best friend. Their heart rates and stress levels lower when they are near their bestie and they often communicate their affection with licks.


Pigs: Like people, they are happier and healthier when they have good, stable friendships and time to socialize with other pigs. Pigs also mourn the passing of their companions.

African Grey Parrot

African grey parrots: These birds are monogamous for life, and both parents look after chicks and are seen grooming and feeding chicks. The father feeds the mother while she is incubating the eggs.

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