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New Vegan Drive-Thru Eatery Opens in the State of Florida



  • by Peter Manley

If you live in Florida and you’ve been hoping for vegan fast-food to be a thing, hope no longer. Recently, a new vegan fast-food restaurant opened in Cape Coral, Florida.

The vegan fast-food drive-thru and restaurant––called Life–The Vegan Drive Thru––just opened its doors in the beautiful city of Cape Coral, Florida. As a completely vegan fast-food restaurant, the eatery offers a wide variety of vegan foods, such as its own vegan versions breakfast foods––such as sausage sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers, and tuna melts––as well as a wide variety of greener and healthier food options. These healthy options include smoothie bowls, fresh-pressed juice, salads, and soups.

While many vegan restaurants are opening throughout the country, Life–The Vegan Drive Thru adds to the small yet ever-growing list of vegan drive-thrus that are launching throughout the country. For example, the vegan chain Plant Power announced its opening of the fifth location in Fountain Valley, California, which happened to be a drive-thru style location. Furthermore, Canada’s Globally Local launched in 2017, marking the opening of the world’s very first true 24-hour vegan drive-thru restaurant.


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