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PBFA Announces the Start their Plant-Based Meat Test with Kroger


Plant-Based Foods Association announced the official start of PBFA’s innovative plant-based meat test with Kroger, the leading grocery retailer in the United States. You can now find three-foot plant-based meat sets within the conventional meat department at 60 Kroger stores across Denver, Indiana, and Illinois. The goal of the research is to measure the impact of changing where all plant-based meats are sold on sales and customer engagement. 

Starting last week, December 9, and going on for 16 weeks, PBFA will track consumer engagement as well as dollar and unit sales of plant-based meats sold within the meat department. In addition to this quantitative sales analysis, they will also conduct shopper interviews and shopper marketing communication, to obtain the most comprehensive results. The goal is to provide retailers with actionable data to inform merchandising decisions and optimize plant-based food sales. In addition to plant-based burgers and sausages, this test includes plant-based deli slices, roasts, seitan, and jackfruit.

Keep up with PBFA’s Meat Test results here.

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