On January 6, the world-famous TGI Fridays introduced a fresh new plant-based menu item in most of its United Kingdom locations. What’s more, this new menu item, a watermelon steak, is made of (you guessed it) watermelon.

The watermelon steak meat alternative is created by chargrilling slices of watermelon, marinating them in a list of flavorful spices, and ultimately seasoning them with spicy sriracha. Going for $17, the watermelon steak plate comes with an avocado sauce and TGI Fridays’ very own Fridays Legendary glaze, both of which are vegan. The plate also comes with two vegan sides consisting of potato fries and steamed or roasted veggies.

Terry McDowell, Head Development Chef at TGI Fridays, says this about the new steaks: “We came up with the vegan steak to give our guests the same great taste from our grills but in a different way. Seasoning with Sriracha and garlic gives the dish savory, sweet, and spicy notes with a juicy center that cuts and eats like a juicy sirloin steak. We’re really excited about the new vegan steak because it’s unique to us here at TGI Fridays. We have taken a watermelon and made it into the main course.”

While you may think of watermelon as a typically sweet food, what’s unique about TGI Fridays approach is that the steak is not sweet at all, but rather spicy and savory. McDowell continues, “Most people think of watermelon as a sweet dish, but we have flipped that on its head. It is full of flavor and perfect for Veganuary and those who want to try something different.”

While a truly unique dish, this is not the first vegan dish to be implemented by TGI Fridays. The international chain has also offered its vegan Fridays Vegan Burger and other plant-based patties.