As a bit of a surprise, the 2020 Golden Globes’ will be serving a completely vegan menu.

Just yesterday, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association informed that the 2020 Golden

Globes will offer a completely plant-based menu during the ceremony. This is all done in an

effort to increase attendee (and viewer) awareness about the many issues we face in regard to

environmental health and sustainability.

Although it has served plant-based and gluten-free options in previous years, this will be the first

official year that the Golden Globes will serve completely vegan options on its menu. The

decision to serve a completely vegan menu is also reported to be a last-minute change versus a

longtime standing choice. In fact, fish was supposed to be on the menu until being removed this


In a statement by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, officials explained, “As part of the

HFPA's overall focus on sustainability, the Golden Globes will be serving a 100% plant-based

meal at the show, to raise awareness about how our choices can impact the environment. All

produce and vegetables are locally and sustainably sourced."

Not only will the Golden Globes only serve up vegan options on its menu, but decision-makers

are also taking sustainability up another notch by opting to refrain from using single-use plastics

during the ceremony. According to the statement by HFPA, water will be served by Icelandic

Glacial and “will be serving water on the carpet and inside the ceremony in glass bottles,

eliminating plastic waste.”

If you’re interested in watching the event, the 2020 Golden Globes will be aired live on Sunday,

January 5th at 8 PM PT on the NBC channel. E! News, entertainment news channel, will also be

covering the event that same day.