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Top 10 Plant-Based Predictions for 2020



  • by Elysabeth Alfano

Plant-based news, food and lifestyle expert and radio host, Elysabeth Alfano, shares her Top 10 Predictions for 2020.  

1. With the health of the oceans in jeopardy, many species overfished and the demand for seafood on the rise, more plant-based seafood products will enter the market to great success in 2020. 

2. China will develop its interest in plant-based food and living.  With an estimated 200 million people already vegan, more American plant-based products will be sold there and Chinese products will develop. This will help the country with its food insecurity issues and rising health care costs. 

3. With the growing number of plant-based meats, the meat case will become the protein case. Animal and plant protein will be side by side, allowing consumers to choose which protein suits them. 

4. Cellular agriculture will continue to develop at a rapid pace with more people accepting its economic and environmental benefits as a good thing for the future, and its inevitable arrival.  

5. Commercially viable plant-based bacon, steak, and ribs will make their debut before the end of 2020.

6. More athletes will continue to go plant-based and break records. 

7. Hotels and resorts will start to focus on vegan foods, products, and lifestyle.  

8. Dean Foods and Borden are the first of many dairy dominos to fall into bankruptcy. This trend will continue.

9. Further trouble for the dairy industry, the USDA will be continually called out as racist for marketing dairy to Asian-American and African American communities which are more than 60% lactose intolerant.

10. Plant-based delis and/or deli meats will be a 'thing.' 

Do you think one or all of these predictions will come true? Share with us your predictions for 2020 in the vegan movement!


A little bit about Elysabeth: Elysabeth Alfano launched the Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series on WGN Radio. She is a plant-based news, food and lifestyle expert on radio stations around the nation including iHeart Radio's The Fork Report, WGN Radio, Mancow in the Morning on WLS, The Mark Thompson Show on KGO and 870AM The Answer. She has a recurring segment on WCPT Radio entitled, Food and Politics, reports for the #JaneUnChained Digital News Network and contributes to NPR's KCRW (Los Angeles) as a plant-based reporter. Her weekly radio show, The Elysabeth Alfano Show, is the first mainstream plant-based radio show in the U.S. and launches on WCGO January 12. 

Elysabeth develops recipes for restaurants and food companies looking to enter the plant-based market.  She also helps people and corporate employees start a plant-based lifestyle with private coaching and group classes and recipe meal plans. Elysabeth spices things up as The Silver-Chic Chef in her on-line cooking series and has done plant-based cooking demonstrations on WCIU-TV, Good Morning LALALand and WGN-TV.

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