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Vegan Activist Earthling Ed Will Be Teaching Animal Rights at Harvard



  • by Peter Manley

Ed Winters, better known by his fans as Earthling Ed, recently revealed that he has been invited to instruct a class on animal rights at the prestigious Harvard University. 

As one of the biggest names in the vegan world, Earthling Ed is already a well-known animal rights advocate with a large number of followers on all social media platforms. He habitually visits universities in an effort to promote the case for veganism to students. With this new opportunity, the vegan activist will have the opportunity to spread even more awareness about animal rights.

The vegan activist took to social media to announce his exciting news. "I'm beyond honored to say that I'm currently in the USA as I was invited by professors at Harvard University to teach a class entitled 'animals as commodities' as a guest lecturer," Earthling Ed announced on his recent Instagram post. "I'm excited to be here, and I'm hugely looking forward to spreading the vegan message at college campuses on the East Coast."

Earthling Ed will also be speaking on animal rights at other universities, including Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Yale, and Rutgers. 

The opportunity follows a recent series of advancements for Earthling Ed. Just recently, the vegan activist presented a TEDx talk at Lund University, which had been long requested by many of his followers. In his second TEDx talk of 2019 at Bath University, he presented all the main arguments against veganism and debunked them, arguing that there is no valid excuse for not going vegan. 

Earthling Ed’s first TEDX talk is now available to watch on Youtube, where we encourage you to subscribe to his channel. You will also find more insight into the vegan activist's recent endeavors in an exclusive interview with Earthling Ed, which can be found in the current issue of VEGWORLD Magazine.

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