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Vegan Activists Urge Prada to Discontinue Exotic Animal Skins



  • by Peter Manley

Vegan activists from PETA, one of the world’s largest animal rights charity organizations, have requested that the massive luxury brand Prada discontinue the use of exotic animal skins at its annual meeting in Milan. 

Should Prada deny their request, PETA activists will alternatively ask that Prada allow them to make random visits to its suppliers to evaluate the welfare of the animals. 

These requests follow Prada admitting that it is not quite sure how the animals are treated prior to retrieving their skins. 

PETA hopes that by Prada officials witnessing the severe treatment of the animals and the process for taking their skin for leather, they’ll reconsider making exotic animal leather products entirely. PETA Director Elisa Allen says, “PETA is confident that if Prada executives were to see first hand what's done to the animals used to make the brand's bags, watch straps, and shoes, they would end the sale of exotic skins immediately.” 

PETE has released a video that exposes the cruel treatment and slaughter of ostriches in order to make exotic leather products.

Success has already been seen in communicating with the fashion giant Chanel, which announced last year that it will discontinue the use of exotic animal skins and fur. Allen hopes that Prada will follow suit. "Chanel banned exotic skins after acknowledging that it can't obtain them ethically, so Prada should follow suit and stop profiting from the suffering and death of ostriches, crocodiles, and other wild animals."

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