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Veganuary Smashes Through 2020 Expectations With 400,000 Signups Worldwide



  • by Diana O. Potter

They’d originally thought they might “inspire 350,000 people to live healthier, reduce their carbon footprint, and save animals’ lives by eating vegan for January and beyond,” the Veganuary team said.

But that’s not exactly what happened.

Instead, the UK-based Veganuary team exulted in being able to make the exciting announcement:

  • 50,000 more participants signed up to participate in 2020 than they’d hoped — for an amazing total of 400,000!

And there’s more: Their massive success also bagged them the Plant Powered Initiative Award for their efforts in spreading the vegan message: A near-unprecedented 40% of the award’s voters chose Veganuary to receive their 2020 award.

A Worldwide Commitment

As you probably know, the month-long event invites people all over the world to sign a commitment to eat no meat or dairy during January, with hopes they will continue to honor it afterwards.

There’s good evidence that’s what’s happening, with a number of signed-up celebrities saying it’s what they plan to do. Here’s what just two of them had to say.

  • Queen legend Brian May, waxing ecstatic over how much his Veganuary experience improved his health and outlook, made sure to tell his 2.1 million Instagram followers that nothing would stop him now: “VEGANUARY!! Yes! It’s done — and I loved it. Not a morsel of meat or fish or dairy passed my lips. It was so much easier than I expected and gave me so much,” he wrote. “Who’s with me?”
  • British actress Rebecca Callard also announced an intention to stay with her new vegan lifestyle. “I’ve had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten this month! I’m a pretty awful cook, but even I’ve managed to knock up some decent stuff in the kitchen — there’s such a variety available everywhere…There’s no question of not sticking to an option that affects the world around me and our future.”

Making a Difference, Together

Summing up the truly thrilling outcome of Veganuary 2020, Head of Communications Toni Vernelli said:

“With the link between animal farming and the climate crisis making headlines nearly every day, we expected Veganuary 2020 to be the biggest yet, but it exceeded all of our expectations.

“We applaud everyone who took part and encourage them to continue eating vegan food as often as possible….Together, we are making an enormous difference for animals and the planet.”  

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