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Your Disney Vacation Just Got Vegan-er. You’re Welcome.



  • Diana O. Potter

Bugs Bunny had his carrots. Snow White had her, well, apple. But Mickey Mouse? Did we ever see him eat anything?

He certainly didn’t eat meat. And soon many more people at Disney theme parks and venues won’t have to, either.

Yes, even Mickey seems to have gotten the word that plant-based eating is booming. Starting in early October, hungry patrons at fast-service and table-service eateries at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, will have more than 400 vegan dishes to choose from and enjoy. And Spring 2020 will debut the same new offerings for vegans at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

Why the short delay between openings? Because more than 600 places to eat have to be vegan-victualed just in those two Disney parks, and almost all of them have individual Disney themes that their menus must reflect. They will include, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, the Star Wars themed “Tatooine Two Suns Hummus” and, at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, also in Orlando, the “Le Fou Festin,” to be enjoyed at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

With the gigantic Disney empire buying into the popularity of plant-based eating, especially given that so many of their customers are children, we vegans can take pride in what we’ve helped the movement accomplish so far. Nothing Mickey-Mouse about that!

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